How to form the character of children at home? |

How to form the character of children at home?

Character building of children can be done by strengthening character education. Character education itself can be obtained from educational institutions, communities and families. The main role in character education is family, because the family has a great influence on the character of the child. Starting from home, children’s personality education began to be instilled.

Starting at home the child first learns to communicate, knows love, feels together, learns to bathe, eat, wear clothes, and many others. The activity does not have a curriculum, but the parents make the curriculum, because his parents knew what to expect later from the child.

How to form the character of children at home?

1. Invite children to worship regularly.

Parents can invite their children to worship. The service can take the form of praying, praying or reciting. In performing prayers, the father can become a priest in prayer in congregation. You can give the correct example of prayer. After prayer, the child can do the prayers that you pray for.
In addition, you can also invite him to read the Koran or teach him. Regardless of whether you are good or not reading, clearly the child will imitate your attitude in worship. The simple thing is how you can be an example of praying before and after meals or other activities.

2. You can invite children to chat or communicate

You should be able to communicate with children, discuss or share opinions. So that you will know more about what your child wants, who likes and dislikes. In addition, these activities are useful to foster self-confidence, develop language skills, familiarize manners in speaking and behaving and behaving.

3. Invite children to do light work.

You may also invite children to do light work together that invites all family members, the character of cooperation, caring, love of cleanliness, responsibility, and mutual assistance is expected to be fostered. But you don’t expect that their work will not be as perfect as you do as an adult.

4. Invite children to play together

In the development and growth of children, especially for early childhood playing on the yard is very necessary to train their gross motor skills. Maybe running, jumping, climbing stairs, kicking balls, throwing balls, catching balls, playing on boardwalks and many others are sure to be interesting because your child can move freely.
Of course these activities are carried out with loving care so that it will build a very good closeness to the emotional development and character of the child.

5. Invite children to eat together

You can take your child to eat together. This activity is important to do, many things that children can learn when eating together. Ethics and procedures for eating, knowledge of nutrition, gratitude, empathy, respect for the work of others, knowledge of mathematics, social knowledge, scientific knowledge, procedures for communicating with others and of course the important thing is to thank God for the blessings received.

6. Invite children to know and read books

You can introduce books from an early age to the child, hoping to instill a love of children for books. No need to wait for your child to read. The initial stages of the child will recognize the image. Activities are the beginning of reading skills. Her father’s father read the story. Gradually children recognize letters and recognize the differences in the sound of letters and words.

7. Storytelling or telling stories before going to bed

When you read or tell stories before the child sleeps, you are introducing exemplary characters that are very effective. Actually a few moments before the child sleeps, the brain experiences a peak of comfort (alpha waves) that will quickly seep into long-term memory. That’s why we still remember tales before going to bed because they enter into long-term memory. It is this opportunity that we fill in the fairy tales by planting character to children.

8. Invite children to garden

This gardening activity will provide knowledge to children indirectly. Children can recognize various forms of plants, how to grow crops, which are needed by plants and so on.

9. Invite children to cook

This activity will be a lot The kitchen is a rich place to introduce a process. Cooking activities can be a fun activity for children. Introducing the concepts of mathematics, science, social and others can you start from cooking.

Those are some ideas of father and mother activities that can be done with your beloved child at home. Please explore and explore other ideas that contain elements of education and lead to the formation of good character of children.  It may be the activity to introduce knowledge

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