Is it true that breakfast can improve student learning achievement? |

Is it true that breakfast can improve student learning achievement?

The process of education in school or learning is actually an activity as well as other activities. But what is very distinguishing is that the learning period uses more energy for brain function or reasoning. Besides physical and psychological activity, so that when the energy shortage in the body loses the opportunity to carry out activities in full. Furthermore it will likely affect the learning outcomes. Students who are used to breakfast will tend to be better prepared and better, because energy needs are met.

The question is why do students need breakfast?

Breakfast is an eating activity in the morning before doing activities on that day. For students, then before going to school or studying at school they have breakfast at home.
The menu that is eaten at breakfast must at least contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals that are balanced. The portion should not be more than a third of the daily meal portion. At least contains 15-30% of the daily nutrients your body needs. In addition, the ingredients do not burden the digestive system’s work, it can be
Actually when you wake up in the morning, the condition of your body needs energy intake. Because during sleep the body does not receive food intake, even though while sleeping, the body continues to carry out activities so that it still requires energy. Naturally, when the morning of the body of the student including us as a whole requires food intake for early energy in the morning.
Moreover, students who will study at school certainly need food intake to supply the energy that will be used for learning.

Breakfast function for students

Students who are accustomed to breakfast can attend good learning activities. This is because;
1. Breakfast will be able to supply nutritional needs to the brain and nerves in full. When brain needs are met, the power of concentration will be better. With that concentration, learning will be effective, so the opportunity to get high achievements is very open.

2. Breakfast will meet the student energy. With the condition of a body full of energy, chances are that the student’s body will be fresh, fit and will be easier to concentrate.

3. A fit body condition will make students more excited. It is this spirit that is the key to learning actively.

4. Of course with breakfast will prevent illness from engulfing students. It is usually possible not to eat breakfast will be quickly affected by the disease, both dizziness, nausea, headaches, stomach ulcers or others.
Naturally, having breakfast at home before leaving for school is a suggestion that needs to be implemented. With conditions that are ready to learn, full of enthusiasm will make students more concerned about learning and it is very possible that these students get better learning achievements.
Hopefully with breakfast, your child, students or anyone can do activities better.

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